Hail Damage Claims
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Hail Damage Repair Process

  • 1- File a hail damage repair claim with your Insurance Company.
  • 2- Claims adjuster will inspect your vehicle and provide you with an estimate.
  • 3- Auto Dent Specialists will schedule an appointment to repair your vehicle.
  • 4- We can assist with a rental vehicle if your Insurance company will not.
  • 5- We provide a Limited Lifetime Warranty on all our repairs, for as long as you own your vehicle.

    My car was damaged by hail. Now What?

  • 1- You should inspect your car for hail damage. Small hail dents are difficult to detect.
  • 2- Then check your insurance policy. Verify two things: your hail damage coverage, and your deductible for comprehensive claims
  • 4- Schedule a time to have your car inspected by an adjuster.
  • 5- The adjuster will provide an estimate– THIS IS NOT THE REAL COST OF REPAIR
  • 6- Make certain the repair is handled professionally.
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